本4 * 100GE(CFP4)40 * 10GE(SFP +、GEとの下位互換性)、1コンソール、1ポートRJ45パッケージは、主に通信アプリケーションの100G、10Gリンクアクセス処理に使用され、データ集約、シャント、およびバランスの取れた出力を実現します。

  • Support 4 100GE and 48 10GE machines with up to 960GE processing power
  • Support traffic aggregation, replication, streaming, mirroring, and filtering
  • Support outbound port MAC address translation
  • Support IPv4 / v6 dual stacks to support the identification, filtering and forwarding of tunnel protocols such as IPv6 over IPv4 and IPv4 over IPv6.
  • Support the identification, filtering, and forwarding of tunnel protocols such as VLAN, MPLS, GRE, and GTP
  • Support VLAN TAG, MPLS Label
  • Support IP fragmentation identification, filtering and forwarding
  • Provide protocol-based, IP address, port number quartet filtering
  • Support for signature field filtering
  • Provide maintenance and management interfaces, including status queries, maintenance management
  • Support based on RS232 local operation and maintenance interface, based on Telnet / SSH remote operation and maintenance interface and network management interface
  • Support SNMP v3, backward compatible with v1 / v2c
  • Support https, openssl, openssh and other security protocols
  • Support web interface remote control