NPB-AL-2CE 16XE Card


本2 * 100GE(CFP2)、16 * 10GE(SFP +)、1つのコンソール、1つのGEインターフェースは主に、4G / LTE、IMS、IDC、ルーティング、 データを実現するためのスイッチングです。ネットワークセキュリティ、アプリケーションゲートウェイ、その他の通信アプリケーション アグリゲーション、シャント、同じソース、同じ宛先、バランス出力に対応可能です。また、本製品はネットワークセキュリティ、オペレーター、トラフィック分析市場で広く使用されています

  • Support 100GE input, 10GE output
  • Support 40G backplane switching, support dual star architecture
  • Support traffic aggregation, replication, streaming, mirroring, filtering, support homology, guaranteed user / session integrity
  • Packet Sampling and Flow Statistics: Sampling packets and session flows for input packets and session streams based on preset ratios to reduce analysis traffic pressure for back-end specific systems
  • Support IPv4 / v6 dual stack, IPv6 over IPv4, IPv4 over IPv6 and other tunneling protocol identification and stripping
  • Support IP fragmentation identification, filtering and forwarding
  • Support VLAN identification, filtering, and forwarding of tunneling protocols such as VLANs, MPLS, GRE, and GTP, and supports internal and external IP extraction. Configurable to support inbound IP routing, IP port replacement, VLAN TAG and MPLSLabel stripping.
  • Provide protocol-based, IP address, port number quintuple filtering, support for transport layer loads Fixed location and window range floating
  • Location signature field filtering, signature length can be supported to 64 bytes, signature field offset User configurable greater than 128 bytes
  • Support based on RS232 local operation and maintenance interface, based on Telnet / SSH remote operation and maintenance interface and network management interface
  • Support SNMPv3, backward compatible with v1 / v2